About Gardens of the Carolinas

Gardens of the Carolinas begins the landscape design process by consulting on-site. Our goal is to help define your “lifestyle” in the landscape - some people want viewed gardens, others want to develop interactive spaces. Maintenance requirements and responsibilities are something to be discussed and delegated. Drainage, grades, parking, walkways, fences, tree removal, and outdoor spaces (patio, deck, pool, spa, gazebo, sport court, etc.) all need to be defined prior to the planting design. The “hardscapes” become the skeleton of the new landscape. We expose our clients to all of their options through literature, photographs, and visits to existing gardens. This thorough approach enables our clients to make educated selections so that the end result is sure to satisfy their personal tastes, their specified budget, and their long-term landscaping goals. Gardens of the Carolinas begins the process by consulting on-site.

We are now ready to design and define the “greenscapes” or softscapes. Together with the client, we must decide on colors, textures, shapes, and seasonal blooming aspects. This will also include buffers, containment, theme gardens (fragrances, butterfly, bird), sculptures, and integrating the water feature. We make sure all aspects are covered, from vegetable gardening to raised cut flower beds.

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