Gardens of the Carolinas
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Decks and Arbors

Gardens of the Carolinas provides many wood structures in the landscape. We custom design and build decks, fences, trellises, arbors, eyebrows, alcoves, porches, gazebos, and playgrounds. Decks might be multi-level, with angled, recessed planking, and the deck construction may be out of a variety Deckof different types of wood. Our deck designs incorporate grilling areas, lighting, planter boxes, speakers, and power sometimes balances function and aesthetics.Gardens of the Carolinas often installs heavy duty vertical and horizontal lattice with framing as a finishing detail, softening the unsightly underside of decks. We offer “dry spaces” under taller decks with both simple and engineered water trapping systems and grave.

FencingFences of all shapes, materials, and sizes can be built, offering privacy, containment, security, and pleasing backdrops for interior garden spaces. Trellises, arbors, eyebrows, and alcoves are custom built and are often primed and painted. Trellises can assist in softening a wall, a poor view or developing an espalier (trained plant).

Arbors will create appealing angles of light, support an overhead flowering vine, and highlight a gate entrance or seating area. The eyebrow is a decorative architectural accent that transforms the plain boring area located above garage doors to one of style and beauty. Within all woodwork, scale and weight are always considerations; “more” is not better and balance is the key.

Porches might range from covered open spaces through a variety of screening techniques, to seasonally glassed enclosures. We will incorporate wrought iron, skylights, chair railing, speakers, fans, electrical and lighting on some features to enhance the finished product.

Specialty outdoor playgrounds are sometimes the perfect addition to the landscape. It is important to allocate enough space with flow for desired features like swings, slide, tree house and sand box. Including challenging yet safe features (monkey bars, zip lines, or climbing walls) will extend the usability as the children get older.