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Lawns / Turf Installation

Landscapes are greatly enhanced by rich colored and healthy, well installed and maintained turf areas.  New lawn areas can be installed with seed, sprigs, or sod. There are two primary types of turf - warm weather and evergreen, or cool weather grasses.  Warm weather grasses will thrive in the intense summer heat, always thickening and growing denser. These lawns turn a brownish-tan color in the winter, when they go dormant. Some highly used varieties are several forms of Zoysia, Bermuda, and Centipede. These grasses are sometimes found to be invasive and difficult to control.

The evergreen, or cool weather grasses tend to look best in the Fall and Spring, even staying Lawn installationsomewhat green in the winter months, and then struggling due to the oppressive heat and humidity of the summer. There are many varieties of fescue that fall in this category. It is a common practice to blend several fescue types, having one that is more drought resistant, one that is more shade tolerant, and one that is more disease resistant. They look the same, allowing a thick turf to yield, with the strongest variety prevailing in different areas in the landscape.

Having success growing grass begins with the soil preparation. It is important to develop the proper texture structure that will encourage root growth by providing nutrients and water in a friable soil. Tilling and incorporating organic matter will help tremendously.  It is important to plan on the proper soil PH, or soil acidity/ alkalinity. We will test the soil and offer a schedule of care/ application with specific nutrients and timing. Warm weather grasses should not be installed as sod when the grass is going into or coming out of dormancy. Ideally it is installed in the late spring. Fescue lawns have the best viability when installed with Approximate 70 degree air and ground temperatures. Starting with the correct soil profile and continuing with timely, scheduled care with the correct equipment will assure mid and long term success with the landscape’s turf areas.