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Outdoor Living

Today people are utilizing their landscapes more and we are experiencing a growing interest in outdoor living. Some of these areas of interest include outdoor kitchens, lighting and audio and visual systems, fire pits and fireplaces. The simple grill seems to be a thing of the past, having counter space and being able to see what’s cooking is a must. In our outdoor living designs, we offer from basic grill enclosures to full outdoor kitchens with covered outdoor dining and entertainment spaces. We offer many options whether cooking with wood, charcoal, electric, or gas using cast, ceramic, or stainless steel units. We will help you design your outdoor kitchen cooking space to use direct or indirect heat whiling searing and basting or smoking and slow roasting.

Outdoor lighting is such a key element in today’s landscape. It is a wonderful enhancement to our outdoor living spaces- creating light and shadows or darkness where needed. We always address security and safety aspects to lighting as well. We take into account the physical orientation, the width, length, and strength of the light to achieve just the right results. There are many different companies and materials to choose from. We guide our clients through the lighting plan addressing value to costs, feasibility, and maintenance.

Outdoor sound systems can greatly enrich your outdoor living experience. A variety of weatherproof equipment properly installed will provide many years of enjoyment. We also install feeds and mounting capabilities for outdoor televisions, electronics, and intercom systems. Fire pits and fireplaces offer another avenue of enjoyable outdoor living activities. We construct these from pre-cast forms  to custom built structures using brick, block, tile, and stone with clean outs,  easy lighting gas pilot options, and a variety of other features.  We have developed alternate seasonal use approaches for the fire pits making them attractive and functional year round.