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Water Features, Fountains & Ponds

There is definitely a place in landscaping for the calming and peaceful aspects of water. We have installed many different types and different scales of water features, including small reflecting pools with sculptures and spillways, manmade streams with waterfalls, and full size ponds. Scale, safety, and maintenance are considerations to be made when designing water features. Including a bottom drain, overflow pipe, and auto fill features all make the fountain easier to keep and clean, while protecting the pump from running dry. Certain underwater “gates” can be installed increase safety. Fountain

Over the past few decades we have seen the technology of water features change greatly. Some of the material choices now range from liners or pre cast molds, to brick and block structures, and gunnite fountains with two part rubber epoxy membranes. Bio-filters, UV lights, ceramic impellered pumps, airifiers are key elements in most water features. 

There are various types of underwater lighting. Some pierce the water to illuminate a sculpture, a fountain or waterfall from beneath; Water featureothers might have a color lens that can be applied, making a pool seem “cauldronesque”. Water is naturally cooling and calming. People will gravitate to water. The peaceful pitch of a waterfall can be altered by the volume of water spilling, high far it falls and the depth of the water it is falling into. With a properly sized pump and gate valves the volume of flow is easily adjusted, changing the look and sound of the water feature.

Introducing fish and plants will also enhance a water garden. It is important to design the volume of water to suit your fish and plant desires. Built in side shelves at the correct height and a percentage of cover for certain types of fish will create proper natural habitats.  With proper planning, installation, and maintenance adding a water feature to the landscape will provide years of enjoyment and pleasure.